The Vehicles

The Rolls!

The Rolls Royce is a 1981 Silver Spirit. Mike saw the vehicle and fell in love with her. The Rolls Royce has done only just over 100 000km in its life so was in superb condition. Mike and Jeanette have lovingly maintained the Rolls and in May 2007 they achieved the highest ever score of 96.5% in the Concourse d'Elegance for a Silver Spirit 1980-1990.

The Rolls was modified by Roger Pearce and his crew at Emgee Motors. A second Rolls was purchased, solely for spares for the trip. Roger stripped the second Rolls and the spares were carried by the Toyota HiLux.

The Backup Vehicle
The backup vehicle was a Toyota HiLux, purchased especially for the trip and also modified by Emgee Motors.

Africa is not kind to vehicles. The modifications were extensive.

For enthusiasts or would-be trans-Africa Adventurers, you can download a list of modifications, parts and consumables.

NoMorePunctures installed Ultraseal in the tyres of both vehicles. 17 800 kilometres, two vehicles, some of the worst roads Africa has to offer – not one puncture!!


Silver Spirit Rolls Royce
Silver Spirit Toyota Hilux


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