Goodwill Messages

27 June

I think its amazing what the two of you are doing.  Just sad I missed you when you drove through here.

All the best Carla (Francistown Botswana)

21 June

Great to see you in London, and will be thinking of you as you fly home next week. You both look wonderful and having that trip behind you is an amazing achievement! Looking forward to the North America to South America jaunt in due course.

Much love from all the Chambers

10 June

Hi Mike and Jeanette, well done I'm very proud of you both, let me know when you are home so I can visit you.


7 June

Congratulations. Glad all went well. How long are you going to be in UK?
I'm here in Southampton house sitting while Ron & Myra are on holiday in Alaska.

All the best. Terry Adams

6 June

CONGRATULATIONS to you both.... and the rest of the team.

I've been tracking you all the way and it sounds like you have had a fantastic time and fantastic experience.

Wish I had been in the UK to welcome you with a glass of bubbly.

All the best, Andrea, Tim and Callen

5 June

It was great to meet you both at journey's end! Your spirit is as bubbly as ever, and the Silver Spirit is in remarkably good shape.
Enjoy the rest of your stay in the UK and welcome to the R-REC.

Philip Sage

5 June

Congratulations to the both of you youngsters, this was a great achievement.
Happy Birthday Mike. I could not send you an email as I got a message to say that your mail box is full. Probably very full by now.

Have a safe trip home,

Peter Hanmer

31 May

It feels like yesterday that you invited me to join the sendoff party at the watefront with my mercedes! Have been following your progress. Done in style - how else?

Graham van Heerden

30 May

Well done on making it here.

Wonderful to meet you and hear about your experiences first hand after reading them on the interent for Ray and Dennis over the past weeks.

Hope you have a safe trip back.


30 May

Congratulations Mike, Jeanette and the whole Silver Spirit team. Up the Springboks! Good show!

Have you come up for air yet?

Why not keep on going? How about Across America - New York to San Francisco? We\'ll meet you in Napa Valley.

Stay well, Ron & Dot

30 May

Congratulations !

Vern & Mickey McWilliams

28 May

Fantastic, congratulations, wish we had the guts to do something like this. You put us all to shame.

All the best, Marianne and Russell, Loveday Stationers

29 May

WOW!! You guys are almost there!!! Wish i could be there to experience your joy at the finish line!!! I am honoured to have had a small part in making your journey less tedious. You folks are amazing and whenever life gets me down I'll think of you and see that it's worth getting through in the end. Mike and Jeanette you are a true inspiration to me and hope to see you when you get back.

Congratulations on fullfilling a dream!!! You Guys ROCK!


28 May

Nearly there! I hope the sea crossing is smooth for you. Congratulations, you have proved that geriatrics can continue to enjoy life to the full, and then some!

Tom & Rhoda (the beeman)

24 May

Come on Mike, really enough is enough. All this loafing around the pleasure resorts of Europe, no doubt being wined and dined by royalty and film stars. This is not the stuff that Amy and Emilia and the rest of them were made of. They dragged themselves out of their beds in the morning and got on with the trip. They also got onto the morse buzzer and sent the world cheerful messages So bustle about - your fans want to see action, and the odd message from time to time would not go amiss.

All the best, enjoy yourselves, Jim Davis

24 May

We're proud of you! Wishing you a a safe return and a truck full of memories.

Noel & Val Otten

22 May

Hope you having great time (despite Roger!).

Let us know when you arrive in U.K.

Keep smiling, David Hall

20 May

Well it looks like you are getting close to my " Father Land" ( Liverpool ) I think I should try the trip in my 1959 MGA 1600 Coupe !

I would be interested to know the total cost of your trip.

Regards, David

20 May

Guys u have proved that it is never too old to achieve any goals in life,,have you thought of driving back to CT instead of flying?

All the best. Nthwana

20 May

Hello Mike and Jeanette, Thrilled that you have made it safely through Africa, don't muck it up now that you are so close to completion. Look forward to hearing the "inside" story when you return.

Love from Noel and Sue

18 May

We were thrilled to be able to hear your voice on the podcast and to hear about your journey. So looking forward to hearing more and seeing you soon.

Ray & Dennis

18 May

Hi Jeanette and Mike
We are so proud of you and your team. We have been tracking your progress and sharing your experience with my students at school(Wales). Would love to see you when you reach England but not sure if that will work out. Otherwise will see you when visiting SA in August.

Love- Cathy and Will xxx.

18 May

Dear Mike and Jeanette, You are both teriffic! I have done the same trip many times in the comfort of a Jumbo but your way must be the most incredible. Congrats to you both for having the drive and guts to do it.

Kind regards, Laurie K.

17 May

I wish u a good luck and one day we wanna follow on your foot step


17 May

I think that this is a fantastic adventure. I wish you all the good luck in the world.

With best regards, Pauline Wyman

17 May

Wish we were there!!! Give the 'Roller' a kiss ' Good Girl!!!'
We are following with interest. Good luck for the rest of your tour.

John Blunden

15 May

HI Jeanette and Mike have been following your trip you and your crew have been fantastic all the best for the rest of your journey

Love Lois

14 May

Congrats Maud and Mike. We're proud o' you! Fooled the critics once again, you beauts!

And Hey! Cairo's got a few things older'n You Two? .... with plenty of admirers too :} Don't stop until YOU get to the Top !!!!!!!!


14 May

God speed and a safe journey.

Jacques, Eileen

13 May

Come on guys enough of the snorkling and sipping champers get on with the trip. Your fans like to see you suffering.

Salaams, Jim Davis

13 May

Woo hoo. Well done for making it in record time.. Done in true \'van Ginkel\' style. Onwards and upwards ne?

Stay safe, Queline

13 May

We have been in the tourism industry for many years with a passion for adventure & Africa. You are such an inspiration! Even more so at your age.
You are a true example that one is never to old to live your dreams.

God bless, fondest, Roswitha & Hugo Zahrt (Luanda, Angola)

12 May

Well done guys. Wish we were crossing Italy with you.

J & J

12 May

Thinking of you every day -with a certain amount of envy - hope you are very well - the Rolls will deserve a place in a special museum - lot of love Gaie

Gaie Ferguson

11 May

Wow - you made it to the top ! Trip looks amazing.


10 May

So very well done - glad the dangerous part of the trip is over. Now you can enjoy the rest of your adventure with a few more bells and whistles. Lots of love and best wishes from SA.

Jo-Ann Kruger

10 May

Mike, Jeanette, Steve and Roger, You lucky guys!!!
Enjoy the easy part now!!! Tar roads and 1st world luxuries.
Steve, has this convinced you to do our Africa Trip in September or put you off for life???

Best Wishes. Les McLeod, Marleen and Cameron

9 May

We envy you and so well done all of you we will be listening and told friends to expect you in London.

Love from Arizona USA

Meg and Bob

8 May

Hi Mike and Jeanette hope you are well and having fun. Jeanette I hope the Tequilla is cheaper than the beers!!!

Love Julie

8 May

I envy the team as it is something I have dreamed of (Travelling Africa by road). I believe it takes a special kind of person to undertake such an arduous trip and to do it at the wonderful age of 70+ means you have looked after your health in your younger life and I guess we should thank the Aalmighty for it.This journey is a real inspiration to me and lends credence to the saying that nothing is impossible.

May the rest of the journey bring you even more joy and we pray that you come through it safely.

Vincent Naude

8 May

I am the owner of a 1954 Silver Wraith. What you are currently doing must be the most exiting thing any Rolls Rolls owner can only dream off. I wish I could join you as I believe my Wraith would keep up with the Spirit! Wish you the best of luck and wonderful memories. Well done!!

Faan du Toit

8 May

Love you lots and keep tracking you on the site. I wish the youngsters of this world can learn from your tenacity, courage and huge "big balls" that in this case Janetta has too!......... What a lesson and exemple! Go for the rest of it.


8 May

Hi Rollers!

Watch your mirrors - 3 Morris Minors which left PE 3 April got to Addis Ababa on 5 May on way to UK for 60th anniversary of Morris Minor on 7th June. Remember your mom's one Mike? You guys are doing well - am watching your web.

Ray & Sheila

8 May

Hi Mike and Jenny. I'm a teacher from Cape Town

This is what I been dreaming all along and your silver spirit adventure made me realised that my dream will come true- very soon. By the way you deserve a brand new Rolls Royce. Manufactures of Rolls Royce can be proud of their product. Be Blessed.

John Thompson - Cape Town

7 May

Hi Mike and Jeannette and rest of the team,

I spoke to Jackie Hulme (I am her buddy from Accenture - wanted to buy your business at one stage) yesterday and she told me about your adventure and how well you are doing. Wow, setting new benchmarks and standards for the rest of us - what can I say, roll on 70 something.

I can imagine the amount that is flowing - can you get Graca in Egypt?

Best wishes, miranda

7 May

Rummikub champ is losing her skills and missing her team mates .... and she is very zealous of your current location .

Jackie Hulme

6 May

I want to be so spirited when I am your age! What an inspiration. Keep safe and enjoy!

Leon Fourie

6 May

Jacks has been keeping us up to date. Enjoy. Any idea when you will be back in JHB.

J & J

5 May

Hi Mike and Jeanette, Well done so far! I am so glad you guys are ok. Enjoy Egypt we are freezing down here. Jeanette you look great in those Punjabs. Keep well, always in my thoughts and prayers.

Julie Rowland

5 May

Hi Mike and Jeanette,

London has a new mayor - Boris Johnson, a Tory. Did you take Tippex with you so that you can gippo the letter from Mayor Zille?

Onwards, Andre Loubser

5 May

I am very impressed that you are in Egypt already. I thought it was going to take much longer. I heard you on Cape Talk on Friday. After u arrive in the UK, will you leave the car behind or is it coming back to SA? I think I will take your trip from Cape to Cairo on Rovos Rail.

Hope to meet up with you one day back in SA. Good luck.

Fred Daniells

5 May

Hi Mike and Jeanette

We have been following your progress from the UK with great interest and hope that we might meet up when you get to London. Anton also sends his best wishes from Pakistan where he is flying for International Red Cross. Take care and very best wishes for the last part of your fantastic journey.

Leo, Wendy and Anton van Ginkel

4 May

Hey you miserable buggers - I am still cross with you for not taking me along. Hugely envious of everything you are doing!

Salaams, Jim

4 May

Hi Mike and Jeanette

What's happened to your daily updates? Have been furiously clicking on Ctrl + F5 for the past 5 days. You are not on an extended tour of a brewery are you? Best wishes.

Bob Emmett ex Aviator extrordinaire

4 May

How're you guys doing? we cant wait for more news.

We're all fine. Lots of love, Charles & Carol

3 May

Just want to say I read your story in the You magazine and I think you two have a wonderful sense of adventure. May you both enjoy every minute of your trip and never let your spirit for adventure fade. Go well and stay safe and have the greatest journey ever.

Kind regards, Olivia Gildenhuys

3 May

Hi Mike and Jeanette,

London has a new mayor - Boris Johnson, a Tory.

Did you take Tippex with you so that you can gippo the letter from Helen Zille?

Onwards, Andre

3 May

Dear Mike & Jeanette

Dear Mike & Jeanette, what a lovely adventure. Gail and I follow your trip with enthusiasm and envy. We shall tell all at Congress next week.

Lots of love and luck.

Dirk & Gail

2 May

Dear Mike & Jeanette

How wonderfull to have the health to do this together. I follow you on Google Earth. I want to take my hat off and bow to you, Well done!! I adopt your sickness SKIN although my children don\'t think it is funny! All the best for the road ahead may you have a wonderfull and blessed time!!

Hester van Dyk

1 May

Dear Mike & Jeanette

Hi Mike & Jeanette, been following your adventure - looks like you\'re having a great time

Best wishes from an ex Pupil Pilot of yours.

Ray Watts

30 April

Dear Mike & Jeanette

I sent this message as an e-mail, but just to be sure that you receive it... You guys are doing a fantastic thing! You must be having the biggest jol of all time – and Marc, you get to do a once in a lifetime trip – twice! Wicked stuff mate. I see you must bee nearing Wadi Halfa by now and in mine and Marc’s experience, this is a phenomenally hospitable place. The real beauty is that once the ferry ride over to Aswan is complete – it really is all worth it. Cocktails and cold beers all round. Anyway, great site, seen pics on facebook and cheering you all the way. I’ll be sure to send more votes of confidence as you go along. Keep up the good work.

Be safe, have fun and, of course, a half-n-half for me cuz
Yours in cross-Africa adventuring…
Cheers, Steve

30 April

Dear Mike & Jeanette

Read about your exciting adventure in the YOU last night. What an awesome experience. You are both blessed to have health and positive attitude and we trust and pray for your safe journey (together with your team) and that you will be able to sit back one day and just cherish your wonderful adventure. You obviously make your kids (and grandchildren) very proud.

Enjoy and God Bless.
Ilse Rademeyer (George, Cape Province)

29 April

Dear granny and grandpa...

wow... dont know how to put into words how proud i am of you... you must be the best role models in the world... and have definitely been a huge inspiration to me... hope you are having the best adventure every... (guess anything to do with the van ginks is an adventure). Gran i hope you are doing your windscreen wiper dance to the other cars.. or it just wouldnt be a van ginkel road trip. ha ha... well travel safe... miss you lots... love you madly.

Your grandaughter Carla...
ps: when are you getting back to JHB as i was wondering if you will be here for my birthday?

29 April

My friend sent me your story in YOU mag, how wonderful for both of you. I am living in the UK now but love hearing from my beloved SA.

Love and wheelspin,

Yvonne Ormshaw

29 April

Charlie Rolls would have been proud of you

I certainly am, and I very much look forward to your grand arrival in England where we have umbrellas and gin waiting!

Love and wheelspin,

Robin (The Birdman)

29 April

Hello Chris

Please let Mike & Jeanette know that I have been following their trip with interest and that I wish them the very best of luck for the remainder of the trip. This goes for the whole team as well. You are doing a great job.

Best regards, Peter Hanmer (Thailand)

Lynda and Lee Rodgers

29 April

You are doing so well we are so proud of you but .... Why didn\'t you send for Farmer to help you get out of the mud slides? Love you lots xoxoxoxo

Lynda and Lee Rodgers

29 April



29 April

Greetings from the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts\' Club here in England. Just discovered your website, purely by chance. What a fantastic adventure! We do hope to see you all at journey's end. Hope you will have time to visit us at Club HQ and possibly at the Annual Rally (June 21/22)? Enjoy the rest of your trip and drive safely.

Philip Sage

28 April

Hi Jeanette & Mike

Wow, I bet you are all having a great time. Reading about it all certainly makes me want to jump in the car and follow you up north! What a trip. You give everyone inspiration to follow their dreams no matter what they are.

I wish you both the very best and will certainly keep \'tracking you\'.

Enjoy, Enjoy!

Luv Andrea Whitley (stone)

28 April

Sounds like you are having your fare share of adventures! I hope that all is well in Khartoum and you must be excited for the stint to the Egyptian Border. Your first major milestone must now be in sight! We're all very proud and envious, good luck and we'll be listening out...

The Watsons

28 April

Hope u having a great trip.watching with treat interest. Good luck

Derek Hopkins

28 April

Following your trip reports and photos with gteat interest ------and envy!! Good luck with what lies ahead-----"kophou" is our motto!!

Eugene & Nellie de Villiers

27 April

Hi there Silver Spitited ones!

My name is Tanzi I'm a 24 year teacher in Cape Town, I wanted to wish you safe travels I have been tracking your journey with you on the site!

I think the Silver Spirit is in everyone, I too love the open road, love the adventure of new places, I admire how you have taken life and lived it to the full, you too look like the most amazing couple, your love for each other is visibly and tangible, through the way you care and the way you respect one another! The Silver Spirit journey is definietly a task not to be taken lightly, as the terrain, the "Africanisation" is challenging.

I too hope to follow in your and others footprints/ tyre treads and take up the journey thats closest to my heart! AFRICA!! what a marvel, what a story! My Prayers are with you for safe travel, and for a unforgettable experience of life and love of each other and the world that you have at your feet!!

Your wild hearts of flying to new hights and it seems that now the sky is not even the limit. Treasure each other and treasure the journey that is life!

All my love, Tanzi Davies

27 April

HI Mike and Jeanette,

Thinking of you every day.

Just keep right on till the end of the road!

Best wishes, Andre Loubser

27 April

Hey Marc... Its great being able to track your trip with google earth! Hope U are all well n in good spirits in the Sudan.. Looking forward to seeing you when ur on British soil...

Look after yourself, missing u loads... cant wait to hear the storys from the trip

luv Brett (BBS)

27 April

Dear Grandad & Granny darling

We miss you lots & lots like jelly tots. Hope you are having a magic time.

Love Rogan & Kimball

26 April

Can we send some salt and lemons. Juan is here with us and having a chivas on you. We want more pictures. Caravans is ringing out loud in your support. We love and miss you and think of you constantly.

Take care. Greg and Mandy

26 April

Watching you very moment and wishing you such fun and success. Knowing you both you will make fun of even adversity - such "silver spirit" you both have in every way - keep safe.

Huge love Gaie

26 April

Hi Mike and Jeanette

Proud of you hope the rest of the trip goes well, Best wishes to you and the team

Love Lois

25 April

You have lead me by example, the sky is the limit. I will be next one for the adventures lifestyle.

Kenneth Motau

25 April

Hi all - and Koos in particular, Looks as if you are having a phenomenal adventure - keep on enjoying it - its an opportunity of a lifetime!
Enjoying following the updates. Send more pics!


25 April

Ex South African that just bought an 87 bentley and said i want to drive 1mm miles in it!!! U guys are fantastic go for it!!!!!

Mike Butler

25 April

Hey you two, I am green with envy, did almost that exact route 32 years ago with a backpack. Gee it must be wow in a roller!
Hope you have a few spare botles of wine in that enormous boot. Have a blast!

Lotsa love, June Remy and Zaki xxx

April 24

This adventure is proving most interesting reading for me. That Silver Spirit was in our family since 1981, served as a wedding car for all our family and, literally, nursed with kid-gloves - I can't believe what it is actually capable of. We even stopped using it as a travelling vehicle years ago in case it was damaged. My husband and I (Mark Harding Jnr) had a few holidays in the car and she floated like a dream - modern parkades though were not suited to her size and spiralled ramps proved daunting. Nonethe less, we loved her dearly and all the family will remember 'our old Roller' with extreme fondness.

I wish you all the very best with the rest of your adventure journey.

Pam Harding, Kimberley, SA

April 24

Hi Mike and Jeanette

Mom is visting us in Durham, North Carolina and told us about your crazy trip.
It is an incredible story and a wonderful example to us all to never give up on adventure.
Mom will be logging in regularly to follow the van Ginks and will keep us posted, here's wishing you both a safe arrival at your destination

Michael Stephenson

April 24

Hi Koos
Enjoy the shoot and the trip.Your lad (Miekie) is missing you, keep well!

Cheers William ,Susan and the guys

April 24

What a remarkable journey ! I am much younger than you two adventurers , but have just again realised how much we can and should get from life
Hope all goes well . Regards from Knysna


April 24

I love u Grandparents sooo much. U r an inspiration and a beautiful reflection of the world's potential

Peace, love and unity in your journeys. MWah


April 23

Personal message for Mike and Jeanette! Jeanette please see Mike behaves himself in Egypt especially if he rides a camel! I still have a great photo of your last trip to Egypt and Israel. Take care and enjoy your trip, always in my thoughts and prayers.

Julie Rowland

23 April

Missing the adventurers very much and Jeanette's cooking

love, rummikub champ

Jackie Hulme

22 April

Dear Dad (Koos)

How are you?

I've been watching your journey and I think it's really exciting. One of my best friends was born in Ethiopia.

I am praying that you and the other people with you will be safe.All my love your daughter Lara in Tasmania

Lara Cooper

22 April

I think you guys are doing just great even without hubcaps. Have fun and enjoy the ride because the destination is not that important. It is rather the journey that you will never forget. I am with you in spirit (not silver). Best of luck en G&T

Marius du Plessis

22 April

Just wanted to let you know that all at Zoo Lake are following the Adventure with much interest and are looking forward to one big party on your return! All the best from the Crew at The Zoo!

David Kirkness

22 April

Wow! feels like you've been gone forever...the kids keep whining for their father, asking me "when is daddy coming home? why did he leave us?" and the bed is so cold and empty. Both the days and nights are dark, but thats mainly thanks to Eskom! I'm of course uber-jealous that you are having such an incredible adventure and can't wait for the 4 day long photo extravaganza! Your "derrty" couches have been washed and every spot in the house is super shiny and for a real "laaaady"

Be safe, take care and hurry home


Naomi (the wife -left at home, ALONE with the kids)

22 April

Greetings from Florida, USA

Glad to read that you two nut cases are still going strong. We are keenly following your progress and raise a glass to you on every occasion.

If you can't make it to Florida, we may just have to descend on you in S.A. Hang in there!

Ron & Dorothea Morris

22 April

G'day you beautiful old codgers, I'm thrilled by your adventure! Since childhood it's been my dream to do the same; now I\m 54 and have filmed lots throughout the dark continent and find its natural beauty breathtaking and contenting.

I drive a 1971 Silver Shadow named Rebekkah daily, and she sends much love to your Spirit!

To Koos: Enjoy the shoot you lucky man!

Godspeed to you all!

Ari de Beer SASC

21 April

Hello Jeanette & Mike, Following your adventures with excitment.. Heard on 702 interview on Friday with Jenny - Great!I trust all is well for both of you. Keep up the silverspirit and hopefully it will become a gold spirit when you have reached your dream and completed this long phenomenal journey. God bless you,

Love Roselyne and all at Eco Therapy

21 April

G'day from Canberra, where the balloon festival is happening, lots of balloons go past our house each day. Just 2 more countries and you have done Africa overland - what an achievement!!

Mike & Caroline

21 April

Hi Marc

We all here in S.A. are missing you terribly and we are extremely proud having a friend that is so brave! Hope you are taking good care of the team.

Missing you stacks


21 April

I'm part of the Vespa scooter gang with the silver spirit crew. Will be seeing a lot of you,

Good luck, Nic Andela, support crew.

20 April

Hi All

We would just like to thank you all for the wonderful messages of goodwill. We read them as often as we can and find them most encouraging. Please keep them coming!

Mike, Jeanette, Roger, Koos, Marc & Steve

20 April

May I congratulate you on your site – it is wonderful. Mike and Jeanette seem to be doing so well and the car is holding up. I think I am right when I say that if I phone Jeannette on her cell (not sure how) SHE will have to pay for the call? Is that correct? I would hesitate to do that!

Regards Gaie Fergusson

20 April

What a wonderful adventure! Have FUN!!! Look forward to \'tracking the trip\'.

Regards Bev

20 April

I wish all both well and i hope that oneday i will be so lucky. I have just been onto the google earth tracking your progress and they are reporting that there could be a "panic situation" i pray that all is well.

Regards and gods speed


(Message from the Team - don't panic - the panic button is stuck on!)

19 April

May you enjoy your journey-we all think that you are very brave.Just to show what you can do even if you reached your age-it is your spirit and not your body!!

May God be with you:

Hope you will sense God's presence with you on this journey....


19 April

I am so proud of you both. I check every day on your progress. I trust you are both well and safe.What an amazing adventure. Lots of love Jo-Ann

Jo-Ann Kruger

19 April

Sorry I was not there to wish you both well on your adventure. I didn't crack the nod.

However I am envious as this would rate as a wonderful project to carry out as wel grow older and enjoy this sort of thing more than when we young and foolish.

I hope you arrive safely and take tons of pics. The african adventure sounds wonderful and God speed safely home hugs and kisses

Judy Crockett (I know the surname might confuse you but if I tell you Dick's daughter you will know)

19 April

Best wishes for your trip from all at the MG Car Club Northern Center

David Waterworth

19 April

Hi M& J, What an inspiration for cpls in their golden years to recapture life again.

We are the owners of a 1974 Silver Shadow and what an amazing car - they surely are the best and what a feeling when you drive them Good luck and sure to track your travels All the best and great memories each day

Regards Shawn & Marius Durban

18 April

Just to say that I have been spreading the word about your trip all over the USA, New Zeeland, Australia and the UK - everybody LOVES the updates and pics and can\'t believe how well groomed Jeanette stays throughout the!

Watching and reading every bit of news I can lay my hands on. Love to Marc!

Jane (Werner's mom)

18 April

What an absolutely amazing adventure! I just knew that the two of you would not pass into obscurity and it is with great pride that I acknowledege that both of you gave me the support and confidence to achieve my own goals in the aviation industry. We are thinking of you and the rest of the team and will be following your progress with interest if not a degree of apprehension.

Be safe and the G&T\'s are on me in Jo\'burg.

Fond regards,

The Leaker Family

18 April

I wish the best ever, Good luck you make me learn more about our continent thankyou for the briefing on 702 good luck


18 April

15h00 on 18 April and eagerly awaiting the 702 link-up.

Love Karl and Val

18 April

In the compound of the Hilton Addis Ababa I saw your vehicles.This type of trip has been my life long dream. One day I will try to do the same thing to promot PEACE in Africa.

Daniel Bezuayehu

18 April

Hi guys,

Hoping you are well and enjoying the trip. Quite the maddest thing I have seen for some time. Brilliant! Good luck with the rest of the journey.

Graham ( Steve's brother )

17 April

Hi Mike and Jeanette

Hell you guys are doing great, I have always looked up to you two as roll models for my life and if I could just half as energetic as you then I'll be glad. Have a lekker time and remember you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Have a wee in the red sea for me.

Your Bookkeeper
Julie Rowland

17 April

As the owner of a 1976 Rolls Royce Corniche Drophead I can only say that the Spirit will get you happily to London.

You must have a wonderful trip and looking forward to see your arrival in England.

Enjoy - and I will be checking on your progress

Manie Grove

16 April

Hi Chris

Thank you so much for the feedback. Looking forward to see what their adventure brings them.

Kind regards

16 April

I read with much interest the article in the YOU magazine regarding Mike & Jeanettes trip! WOW what an inspiration they are. I have always been involved in the Tourism Inductry, so that travel bug is intalled in me - however the article has inspired me to travel a lot more! I will be following them on the net & wish the entire team well. With gratitude for sharing your experiences with us and happy, safe travelling!


16 April

Hi Jeanette and Mike and The entire team! Your adventure is featured in the latest YOU Magazine and it is a wonderfull article about your dream coming true.!!!


16 April




16 April

Just want to say goodluck. wish your team and u a good and safe trip. just shows that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and that is exactly what u have done and i admire u for that god bless

The Vokes Family

15 April

Hi Mike and Jennette

You appeared to be stuck in Nairobi for a few days? Thought you might have taken a liking to the local beer and were getting pished and did not want to leave. Great to follow your progress. Best wishes to you all


15 April

Mike & Jeanette go for are doing what a lot of us would love to do and may not have the guts for it. God bless you and enjoy the ride!

Grace Lavis

15 April

This is the coolest thing I have ever seen anyone do. I just turned 21 and I don't think I have the guts to do something like this! It is truely amazing. I believe you will reach London in good health and happy spirits!


7 April

Mike and Jeanette

All the best to you and to the team.



5 April

Hi guys

We're watching from beautiful Cape Town, and trusting that the trip is going well so far. It's Saturday today, so you should be out of South Africa by now, and heading north.

The map doesn't tell us exactly where you are, but we're sure all is fine and that you're having a whale of a time!

We leave here 10th June, arriving in London next day, and will be there until 18th June when we finally head back to Canada. Maybe we'll see you in London and celebrate some more!

Much love from the Chambers.
M & D


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